Births, Marriages and Deaths

Beebe, Beebee, Beeby entries in the General Register (England and Wales)

Data is taken from the "General Index of Births, Marriages and Deaths" Click on this link for an explanatory page containing information about the index and how to order copies of certificates.

What follows is the work of myself and even more so that of Michael and Janet Beeby, they have also cross checked a lot of my own research.  Compiling the data took an enormous amount of time and we believe that this index will provide you with a very useful reference for speeding up family research and obtaining certificates.  If you have viewed these pages before, please check them out again as a lot has been added (May 18th 2003). The project is nearing completion with just a few gaps still to be filled.

Unfortunately the quality of microfiche is often poor and has inhibited the transcription of data. Early entries were hand written. I am confident that the data presented here is as accurate as it can be.  Always double check our research.

Data is mostly complete for Beebe, Beebee and Beeby with a few occurrences of Beebey, Beeble etc.

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