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References to files containing Beebe info available from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA. It is operated by FamilySearch, the genealogical arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of the information found in these documents has since been shown to be inacurate so please do not rely on it without cross checking. For example some refer to John sailing from America with his eleven children, others say six children and so on. If you get to look at some of these documents let me know, it may be worth appending more information to these brief notes. Badham, Elizabeth F. ref: US/CAN book area 977.77 H2b Settlers of Western Iowa. Includes Badham, Beebe, Richards etc. Barns, Robert ref: US/CAN film area 1320743 item 12 Microfilm of typescript donated by Robert Barns. "John Beebe/Boebe and his wife Rebecca left Yorkshire, England for America in 1650, although they may not have survived the trip. The sons with their spouses were: John with Abigail Yorke, Samuel with Agnes Keeney and her sister Mary, Thomas (twin to Samuel) with Millicent Addis, James with Mary Boltwood and Sarah Benedict, and Nathaniel who has no marriage record" etc..... Beckwith ref: US/CAN fiche area 6047094 Reproduction of two issues of a periodical Marvin Beckwith and his wife Abigail Clark, their colonial ancestors and their descendants. Includes Beebe, Brockway, Champion etc. Beebe ref: US/CAN film area 1312798 item 21 Bible records transcript, 1822-1886, and other genealogical data 1807-1874, George Beebe (b. 1822) married Melissa Gavin in 1849. Beebe, Clarence ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B391bc & US/CAN film area 1320914 item 9 John Beebe of Broughton, a record of genealogical descent. (1921). Beebe, Clarence ref: US/CAN film area 0896656 item 2 A monograph of the descent of the family of Beebe from the earliest know immigrant of John of Broughton, England in 1650. Beebe, David Chapin ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B391b The Beebe family 1650-1950, prepared for the members of the association of descendants of Charles Beebe (b. Oct 8th 1788) and Elizabeth Train Beebe (b. Mar 12th 1795). Beebe, Edmund ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B391be Descendants of John Beebe who was the son of John Beebe (d. 1637) and his wife Alice. John Beebe died in 1650 while sailing to America with his family of eleven children. They landed in New London, Conn. Beebe, Estella Andrews ref: US/CAN film area 0277814 item1 Genealogies of the families of Victor L. Beebe (1872-1939) and Estella Andrews Beebe Beebe, Fred G. ref: US/CAN book area 921.73 B391b & US/CAN film area 1320957 item 5 Autobiography of Fred Garold Beebe born 12 Apr 1920 in Dayton Ohio, a son of Edgar Albert Beebe and Eliza Rebecca Page. BeebeJohn (1727-1786) ref: US/CAN book area 921.73 A1 no. 541 Excerpts from a diary of John Beebe, farmer, town clerk and JP, militia officer, patriot, puritan, church elder, store keeper, as well as acute observer of the 18th century scene. Covering the war years 1779 and 1780 in New Concord. Beebe, Lewis ref: US/CAN book area 921.73 B392 Journal of Dr. Lewis Beebe inc. 1776 Beebe, Sarah Bowker ref: US/CAN film area 0027754 item 20 Five generations of Bowker genealogy going back from Sarah Bowker Beebe who was born in 1764 at Simsbury, Conn. Beebe, Victor Llewellyn ref: US/CAN film area 0277814 Genealogies of the families of Victor L. Beebe and Estella Andrews Beebe. Billingsley, David Stuart ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B496bd Family history and genealogical information about the descendants of Richard Billingsley b. 1st April 1858 in Staffordshire, England, and emmigrated to America and settled in New Carlisle, Quebec, Canada. Includes information on the Beebe family. Bradley, Littleton Porter ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 5011 Samuel R. Boggess (1806-1895) reared three adopted children, one of which, Catherine Elizabeth Howerton married John Christopher Beeby. Brown, Albert Fred ref: US/CAN film area 0022358 item 1 Albert was the son of Albert Brown and Mary L. Beebe Smith (1830-1877). She was the daughter of Elisha G. Beebe and born in Orient, New York and died on Rhode Island. Buckingham, E. Tolley ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 H911be Ralp Hunt and his brother John emmigrated from England to Newtown, Long Island, New York in 1708. Descendants include Beebe. Chamberlin, Donovan Lynn ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 M334c Marcy family, a genealogical trace from Ireland to Midland County, Michigan. Includes Beebe, Chamerlin, Graham, Johns, etc... Cluff, Marvin ref: Special Book Area 929.2 G286sru The ancestry of General Robert Morin Shoemaker (b. 1924), includes Beebe. Coates, Julia Beebe ref: US/CAN film area 1486616 item 4 Allen Breed (1601-1692) and his family emmigrated from England to Lynn, Mass. Includes Beebe, Coates, Fish and related families. Courtright, Kenneth L. ref: US/CAN film area 1320834 item 27 Milo Courtright married Annie Elizabeth Davis around 1849 in California. She was the niece of Jefferson Davis of Civil War fame. Active in gold rush days the list of families includes Ade, Beebe, Fintel, Harding, Koller, and related families. Cowles, Harry H. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 3899 George Riley Cowles (1814-1886) moved from Manchester, Conn. to East Glastonbury and married twice. Descendants include Alderman, Beebe, Goslee, etc.... Daughters of the American Revoloution ref: US/CAN film area 0869286 Includes Beebe family records, Adah Beebe etc.... Day, George E. ref: US/CAN film area 0908334 item 5 Robert Day emigrated from England to Newtown (now Cambridge) Mass. Includes Beebe. Dennis, Laura May Beebe ref: US/CAN film area 1035514 item 21 A family tree showing the descendants of Peter Clement (b. 1761), includes Beebe. Faux, Jocelyn Hart ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 H839fj Lydia Ann Beebe (1844-1922) was born in Evans, New York, to William Albert Beebe. She was a direct descendant of Elizabeth tilley (1607-1687) and John Howland (1592-1673) who were members of the Mayflower Company. Finfgeld, Lois Ryno ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 Sp66a Descendants of Ulrich Spohn (1717-1781) who settled from Germany to Manheim, Pennsylvania. Includes Beebe, Kramer, Rench, etc... Fisher, J.B. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B391f v.2 Genealogy of the family of Beebe volume II. Includes additional descendants in the seventh and eighth generations from John Beebe. Fisher, Margaret Elinor Merrill ref: US/CAN film area 0673280 item 17 Genealogical data for ancestry of Albert Merril (1815-1873) who moved from Long Island, New York, to Weston, Conn. Includes Beebe, Terry, Tuthill, and related families. Foss, Sarah Brackett ref: US/CAN film area 0673279 item 6-7 Ancestry of Nathan Beebe Cheney (1843-1932). Includes Beebe, Train, and related families. Frazier, Clayton ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 5002 & US/CAN film area 1421582 item 2 John Beeby/Beebe and Rebecca Ladd were married about 1626 in Broughton, England and emigrated to America with six of their eight children. Descendants intermarried with Lowe, Reedy, Willey and others. Fry, Arthur ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B812fc supp. Elmira Klinetob was born June 25th 1853 at Dixon, Illinois. References to Beebe and others. Genealogical records - miscellaneous collection ref: US/CAN film area 1307514 item 14 Bible records, tombstone transcripts etc. Goodrich, Francis Lee Dewey ref: US/CAN film area 1036182 item 6 George Hall was born about 1600 and emigrated from Devon, England to Taunton, Mass. in 1636 and died in 1669. Includes Beebe and related families. Grant, Orena Verret ref: US/CAN film area 1320826 item 20 Biographical sketches of various pioneers in the frontier west of the United States. Includes Edgar Albert Beebe (b. 1888) and others. Graves genealogy ref: US/CAN film area 1685765 item 9 Captain Thomas Graves came over from London on the ship "Mary and Margaret" in 1607 to James River, Virginia. Other surnames mentioned include Beebe. Hansen, Robert Floss ref: US/CAN film area 0982185 item 13 Biographical sketches of the "ancestors of my grandfather Ezra Carter Floss and great grandmother Catherine Alvenia Hatch who played a part in the Revolutionary War" includes Eli Beebe (1754-1831) and others. Hathaway, Charles Briggs ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 H284ha History and genealogy of the ancestors of Charles Briggs Hathaway b. 1924 in Providence, Rhode Island. Includes Brush, Beebe, McGrew, Bushby, etc... Hazard Family ref: US/CAN film area Robert Hazard was born in 1781 and married Lucy Buck. Includes Elmer, Beebe and related families. Hibbard, Mary Ethel ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 R43lhm James, William and John Riddell were born in Scotland and came to Canada between 1820 and 1826. Includes Beebe, Bullock, Bush, Gile, Hibbard, Whitson and others. Hunt, Mitchell J. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 8251 Early Beebe families of Beebe, Vermont - Quebec. With genealogy of the Beebe brothers of New London, Conn. and lines to Vermont. Hunt, Mitchell J. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B39lh The mysterious Beebe families of Beebe, Vermont. John, Rebecca and one daughter died at sea. Jones, Alice G. ref: US/CAN film area 0858778 item 1 Royal descent of Ursula Beebe, wife of Walter Wooster. Jones, Prairie Wolf Hawk ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 B391j Family records of Carson Beebe Springer. Ezekiel Beebe (1705-1779) was born in New London, Conn. Kear, Raymond Floyd ref: US/CAN film area 1698007 item 2 Peter Kear was born in 1765 near Terrytown, New York. He settled in Ohio. Descendants include Beebe. Kilian, Teresa W. ref: US/CAN film area 1035531 item 4 John Beebe married Rebecca Ladd and emigrated to America in 1650 etc. Lane, Dorothy Beebe ref: US/CAN film area 1598150 item 8 Dorothy Beebe was born in Connecticut in 1918. Latham ref: US/CAN film area 1320815 item 46 Peleg Latham married Matsey Budd in 1790, includes Beebe. Lines, Maxine Phelps ref: US/CAN film area 1035630 item 5 John Beebe (1570-1638) was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth Beebe. His grandson John was born in Broughton, England.He married Abigail Yorke and their children were born in New London, Conn. Lines, Maxine Phelps ref: US/CAN film area 1597989 item 1 The Beebe family descendants of John Beebe of Broughton. Maycock, Paul A. ref: US/CAN book area 929.27305 B291m The Beebe family of Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa. Maycock, Paul A. ref: US/CAN film area 1035671 The Beebe family of New London, New London, Conn. 1633-1810. Morrell, John D ref: US/CAN film area 0896654 item 3 A collection of records pertaining to the Beebe family in Conn. Mortensen, Alice Paula Perkins ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 P419m Thomas Perkins immigrated to Topsfield, Mass. Includes Beebe. Mumaw, Edith Dicus ref: US/CAN film area 1035644 item 5 History of the Iles, Minor, Reynolds families. Includes Beebe. O'Boyle, Patricia Alice Donahue ref: US/CAN film area 1035690 item 4 Five sons of Francis and Ferris Bushnell had emigrated to America prior to 1635. Includes Beebe. Overman family Bible records ref: US/CAN film area George Overman (1849-1926) married Mary Francis Morgan (1852-1920), born in Pasquotank, North Carolina, and moved to Norfolk County Virginia. Includes Beebe. Perham, Jessie ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 P418a Jackson family emigrated from England to Watertown, Mass. in 1635, later moving to Fairfield, Conn. Includes Beebe. Pfeiffer, Karl F. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 3619 Henry Hannum (1822-1902) married Jane Baxter and moved from Ohio to Montgomery Co. Missouri before 1850. Relatives include Beebe. Powers Family ref: US/CAN film area 1321105 item 10 Joshua Powers (1743-1821) was born at Lyme, Conn. Includes Beebe. Powers, William H. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 P872pw Charles Powers (1819-1871) was born in New York. Includes Beebe. Reep, Reynolds F. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 P972r Ancestors of James W. Purdy born 14th June 1835 in Otto, Cattaraugus Co., NY. Includes Beebe. Reynolds, Marion H. ref: US/CAN film area 0928166 item 5 The Robert reynolds family moved from England to Boston, Mass. about 1630-1632. Families include Beebe. Rogers, Homer P. ref: US/CAN film area, vol. 1-5 = 1688401 & vol. 6-11 = 1688402 James Rogers emigrated to America from England in 1635 to Boston, Mass. and helped establish Saybrook, Conn. Includes info on Beebe. Seger, A.B. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 6799 Alexander Beebe was born 29th Oct 1759 in New London.... etc. Sharps, Mrs Turney ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 C129sh & US/CAN Film area 0896745 Calkins family manuscripts, Vol 1 contains indexes including: Beebe, Clarke, Darrow, Hall, Kellog, Palmer, Smith, Turner, Utter, Wells and related families. Shearer, Herbert Abram ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 3894 & US/CAN fiche area 6019242 Joseph Emerson Shearer (1832-1882) married Mary Almira Beebe in 1857, probably in St Clair County, Michigan. Sheldon, John Preston b. 1819 ref: US/CAN film area 1307506 item 14 A genealogy of the descendants of John Preston of Suffield, Conn. includes Alcott, Beebe, Holbrook and related families Slentz, Roy Shoemaker ref: US/CAN film area 1036318 item 1 & 1036197 item 3 Hoffman family immigrated from germany to Pennsylvania about 1770, includes Beebe, Eicher, Lankenau, Green, Miller, Rupp, Young and other families. Smith, L. Bertrand ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 Sm51s & US/CAN film area 1018905 item 12 Ancestors and descendants of Jesse Smith (1703-1742) of Dutchess Co. New York. Includes Aldrich, Beebe, Bell, Dakin and related families. Somers, Mary (Shakespeare) ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 A1 no. 5147 & US/CAN film area 1321430 item 5 Descendants and relatives lived in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Florida etc. Includes Shakespeare, Beebe, Smith and related families. Sorensen, Lola L. ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 Sm61s & US/CAN film area 1307587 item 28 Ancestry of John Frank Smith (b. 1902) includes Beebe, Donnegan, Hastings, Husted, Kerby and related families. Tobey, Wilma Flatt ref: US/CAN book area 929.273 F617t & US/CAN film area 1598222 item 9 Ancestors and descendants of Van Buren Flatt (1833-1911) who married 1860 in Aquawka, Illinois, Gately Ann Beebe daughter of Cornelius D. Beebe. The Beebe family came from England. Samuel