The Village of Titchmarsh in Northamptonshire

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Titchmarsh is a small village 8 miles due east of Kettering in Northamptonshire. Close by are the villages of Thrapston, Islip, Woodford, Thorpe A Church, and others.

The name of the village is spelled variously as Titchmarsh, Tichmarsh and indeed Titmas. I am sure there are other spellings that I have not come across. I am guilty of switching between Titchmarsh and Tichmarsh and put it down to "finger trouble", my typing skills need to improve.

There is an excellent book by Helen Belgion called "Titchmarsh Past and Present" which was first published by the author in 1979. The second edition was published in 1990 by Marlow Durndell (Publishing), Titchmarsh, Northants. The ISBN is 1-873407-00-9 and I am sure that it is still available, price around £18.

References in the book to Beeby families include Robert Beeby (1670 Hearth Tax), John Beeby (who in 1688 wrote a list of goods belonging to William Coles, a baker), Henry Beeby (who on Nov 26th 1791 paid one shilling and sixpence for a waistcoat, from a sailor), John Beeby (in connection with a settlement case around 1829), mention of Beeby's coming to the village in 1670. This same Beeby line is thought still to be represented in the village today.



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