Miscellaneous Beebe / Beeby Records

The following is a list of Beebe / Beeby records obtained from a variety of sources. Where a source was searched but no Beebs found this is also recorded. If you have any odd records or failed searches that can be added then please contact me as it will save me a lot of work. ALL contributions are very welcome and will be credited to the author / researcher.

Abney Park Cemetary
GRO Army Birth Indices
GRO Army Chaplains Death Indices
GRO Army Death Indices
GRO Service Depts Death Indices

Abney Park Cemetary


Abney Park is a large London Cemetery, originally laid out in 1840 as one of a group of new burial grounds designed to relieve pressure on over-crowded churchyards. It was abandoned by the Abney Park Cemetery Company some twenty-five years ago, and as a site now has the nature of an urban forest, and it is loved and enjoyed by many people in Stoke Newington (North London).

Name Date Age Burial Section Index
Beeby, -- (Emma A.) 18feb1881 -- 068964 G08 2S17
Beeby, Annie 06dec1928 47y 148743 C04 7S13
Beeby, Emma Jane 18feb1909 61y 114995 G08 5S10
Beeby, George 06feb1895 74y 092754 G06 4S04
Beeby, Hannah 24feb1869 72y 043066 B07 2S02
Beeby, Henry Kemp 03apr1878 32y 063236 H08 2S13
Beeby, James 07jun1889 67y 083365 L05 3S10
Beeby, Sarah 05apr1876 50y 058784 G06 2S11
Beeby, William 05dec1845 50y 001552 H05 1S02
Beeby, William 24jun1855 34y 013757 D07 1-MA

GRO Army Birth Indices

Many microfiche searched covering the period 1881 to 1915.
Only one Beeb birth is listed during this period:

1911-1915, Florence M. Beebee, Pietermaritzburg, 1913, ref: 671

GRO Army Chaplains Death Indices

One microfiche covering the period 1796-1880

One entry, Hannah Matilda Beebee, Deesa, 1835, ref: 485.

GRO Army Death Indices

Many microfiche searched covering the period 1881 to 1955.
Only three Beeb deaths are listed during this period:

Rosina Caroline Beeby, Gibralter, 1884, ref: 45
Samuel Beebe age 25, Allahabad, 1886, ref: 143
Derek J. Beeby age 24, Colombo, 1945, ref: 77

GRO Service Depts. Death Indices

Two microfiche searched covering the period 1956 to 1965.
No entries for Beeb death listed during this period:


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