"Soldiers Who Died In The Great War" 80 volumes, HMSO 1921

The volumes which I used for this research are kept in the Cambridge University Library in the 'Rare Books' section, classification number: WRB.44.72

The whole work consists of 80 volumes which, in this case, have been bound together to make 7 separate books.

Vol 1-5, Vol 6-15, Vol 16-30, Vol 31-46, Vol 47-60, Vol 61-74, Vol 75-80

Generally speaking, each volume comprises a separate Regiment and the Regiments are broken down into Battalions or smaller groups. The names of the soldiers who died are listed in alphabetical order within each Battalion.

I have searched the entire set of 80 volumes for the name Beeby and its variants, the results are shown below. Where volumes are not shown it is because there were no entries for Beeby.

I understand that microfilmed copies of this publication are available at Kew and presumably elsewhere as it must have been quite widely distributed.

Information listed is generally Name, Birthplace, Place enlisted, Army number, Death date. K in A (killed in action), d of w (died of wounds), F & F (France and Flanders).

Volume 2 - Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery, Regulars and Territorial Forces

John Frederick Beeby, b. Nottingham, e. Ilkeston, Notts, 34553, K in A 6/10/1918

Watson Beeby, b. Gt Salkeld, Cumberland, e. Penrith, 715447, K in A 19/10/1917

Volume 4 - Corps of Royal Engineers

Robert Beeby, b. Newcastle on Tyne, e. Belfast, 64141, K in A 7/6/1917

Volume 10 - Northumberland Fusiliers

8th Battalion

Thomas Beeby, b. Newcastle on Tyne, e. Newcastle, 4371, d. Medit 9/10/1915

Volume 12 - Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

11th Battalion

John Beebe, b. Acton, e. Shepherds Bush, d of w F & F 2/7/1916

Volume 15 - Lincolnshire Regiment

4th Battalion

Frederick Beebe, b. Butterwick, Lincs., e. Woodhall Spa, 200043, d. 16/4/1918

Volume 19 - Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment

1/7th Battalion

Louis Beeby, b. Bramley, Yorks., e. Pudsey, 39895, d. F & F 1/9/1918

Volume 21 - Bedfordshire Regiment

1st Battalion

Percy Beeby, b. Kettering, e. Huntingdon, 43117, d of w, Pte, F & F 5/7/1918 was 1636 Hunts Cyclist Battalion

2nd Battalion

Thomas Beeby, b. Farcett, Hunts., e. Farcett, 43116, Pte, K in A F & F 5/1/1918 was 1633 Hunts Cyclist Battalion

Volume 22 - Leicestershire Regiment

6th Battalion

Harry Beeby, b. Castle Donington, e. Loughborough, 21196, Pte, K in A F & F 17/7/1916

1/5th Battalion

William Beeby, b. Nuneaton, Warwickshire, e. Hinckly, Leic., 240142, Pte, d of w F & F 4/11/1915

2nd Battalion

Frank Beeby, b. Peterborough, e. Leicester, 9556, L/Cpl, K in A, Mesopotamia 7/1/1916

Volume 38 - Duke of Wellington West Riding Regiment

2nd Battalion

Alfred Beeby, b. Manchester, e. Chester, 34881, Pte, K in A, F & F 24/10/1918 was 69216 Welsh Fusiliers

Volume 42 - South Staffordshire Regiment

7th Service Battalion

John Albert Beeby, b. Peterborough, e. Leicester, 32505, Pte, K in A, F & F 17/7/1917

Volume 46 - Black Watch

9th Service Battalion

Herbert William Beeby, b. Farcett, Hunts., e. London, S/8772, Sgt, d of w, F & F 14/4/1917

Volume 49 - Sherwood Foresters

17th Battalion

William J Beeby, b. Castle Donington, e. Nottingham, lived Long Eaton, 31220, L/Cpl K in A F & F 20/7/1916

9th Battalion

John Beeby, b. Somersham, Hunts., e. Nottingham, 56416, Pte, d of w, F & F 22/11/1917

2nd Battalion

Charles Beeby, b. Beeston, Notts., e. Nottingham, lived New Awsworth, 21059, Pte, K in A, F & F 16/9/1916

Note: Tony Sharpe contacted me to say that his Great-Uncle Percy Sharpe was also in the 2nd Bat. and killed on the same day as Charles.  He adds "The 2nd SF's went into trenches at Arrowhead Copse 11/9/1916 and into action at The Quadrilateral on 13 to 17 Sept 1916.  Casualties for that month were 654 - Heavy".

Volume 51 - Northamptonshire Regiment

1st Battalion

George Henry Beeby, b. St Johns, Peterborough, e. Peterborough, 10335, Pte, K in A, F & F 17/10/1918

Philip Beeby, b. Somersham, Cambs., e. Peterborough, 14734, Pte, d of w, F & F 26/7/1916

6th Battalion

Arthur Beeby, e. Peterborough (no birthplace given), 25187, Pte, K in A, F & F 3/5/1917

2nd Battalion

Jack Beeby, b. Yaxley, Hunts., e. St Pancras, Midx., 12725, L/Cpl, K in A, F & F 9/5/1915

Volume 55 - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

10th Battalion

Thomas Beeby, b. Gt Salkeld, Penrith, Cumberland. E. Oswestry, 230245, Pt. D of w, Egypt 20/4/1917 was 1884 Shropshire Yeomanry.

Volume 59 - Manchester Regiment

12th Battalion

Herbert Beeby, b. Nuneaton, Warw. e. Hinckly, Leic., 61465, Pte, d of w, F & F 27/4/1918 was 31150 South Lancs.

Volume 62 - Durham Light Infantry

2nd Battalion

John Nathan Beeby, (no birthplace shown), e. Durham, 300982, Bugler, d of w, F & F 12/7/1917

Volume 76 - Artillery Company

Frank Alfred Beebee, e. Kensington, L/Cpl, 1843, K in A 1/7/1916 F & F

William Arthur Bebee, b. Skipton, Yorks., e. Keighly, Pte, 424297, d. 10/10/1918

Volume 79 - Royal Army Medical Corps

George Frederick Beeby, b. Birmingham, 80236, Pte, d of w, F & F 2/11/1916

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