Lost Contact / Changed E-mail Address

I have lost contact with these people who presumably have changed their e-mail address.
If you are on this list or know what the address should be, please let me know.

Tip of the week....  Obtain your own web address (URL) which is now quite cheap, around 8 or $12 for two years and continuously renewable thereafter.  Think of it as your "address for life".  Publish this as your e-mail address.  Redirect (automatic and free) any mail sent to that address to wherever you have your actual mailbox.  That way you can change provider at any time but your "public" e-mail address never changes.  Simple Huh!

Roxanne Burgess burgess@bignet.net
Cynthia Dahl cdahlor@aol.com
Thomas Jenkins cutover@salamander.com
Emile Samra esamra@flash.net
Bill Hartley Hartley97@aol.com
Terri Hamm JHamm5@aol.com
Mickey Dignon mdignon@telis.org
Richard Beebe rbeebe@megalink.net
Todd Beebe bb1@NetXpress.com
Bill Buhrow buhrow@sbt.net