Here are some links to other sites which make interesting viewing for Beeby / Beebe researchers and family members.

I have just checked these links and sadly many of them no longer work as presumably the sites have moved or closed down, can you help?

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Home Page run by Mary Beebe in USA. Mary is the former editor of "The Beebe Connection". An extraordinary site with pictures and music. (I stole the image of the bee from her, thank you Mary). BROKEN LINK - Site no longer available.

  Beebe in Northamptonshire, a potted history of one family line to the USA. By Alan Henry.


"Beebe Exchange" maintained by Alan Henry in USA. Alan, jointly with Norma Nicholson, is co-editor of a newsletter called "The Beebe Connection" which is published three times a year.

This site does not seem to be working properly although the first page does open.


  The official website for Charles William Beebe the famous naturalist.  This superb site is run by Catharine Hines. link
Beebe Genforum.  Here you can post messages and "wants".  It is a very active site and particularly heavily used by people with a USA connection.

  Homepage of the family of Graham Beeby in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.  A real family "home" page. BROKEN LINK - Site no longer available. link
Bebb website run by Malcolm Bebb.
Please take a look at his site as it contains, amongst other things, an insight into the origins of the name Bebb which is not too distant from Beebe.
link   Homepage by Nancy McKinley with many Beebe entries, mostly USA descendants of John Beebe.  This site seems to be filled with advertisements so mind what you click on. link

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