The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Surnames: Beebe / Beebee / Beeby

The following data has been taken from "The Commonwealth War Graves Commission" web site and is copyright CWGC. (this link was recently changed - March 2003 - and their web site updated)

I have reproduced the information here as the CWGC web site is frequently "overloaded" and these pages will hopefully load rather more quickly.  The data is complete and shown in full exactly as it appears on the earlier CWGC pages.

Please click on a name shown in the table below to obtain more detailed information.  The data is complete.
In one or two cases I have been able to add a little bit of extra information.  If you can help with more detail please get in touch.

On a very personal and rather sad note, Beebe L J (Leslie John) would have been my uncle had he survived the war and it is after him that I was named - Leslie (Les) Sullivan.

  Name Rank Regiment Date of Death
1 BEEBE, F Private Lincolnshire Regiment 16th Apr 1918
2 BEEBE, H C Flight Sergeant Royal Canadian Air Force 18th Jan 1943
3 BEEBE, J Private Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) 6th Apr 1916
4 BEEBE, J Flight Sergeant Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 23rd Nov 1943
5 BEEBE, J Private Royal Fusiliers 2nd Jul 1916
6 BEEBE, J H Sergeant Royal New Zealand Air Force 9th Feb 1943
7 BEEBE, K C Gunner Royal Artillery 16th Jul 1944
8 BEEBE, L J Gunner Royal Artillery 19th May 1941
9 BEEBE, R Trooper Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C. 6th Aug 1944
10 BEEBE, R F Private Canadian Infantry (New Brunswick Regt.) 16th Sep 1916
11 BEEBEE, A Corporal Royal Flying Corps 29th Apr 1917
12 BEEBEE, F A Lance Corporal London Regiment 1st Jul 1916
13 BEEBEE, J H Private Gloucestershire Regiment 15th Apr 1945
14 BEEBEE, J H Private Grenadier Guards 20th Sep 1914
15 BEEBEE, T F Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 16th Oct 1918

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