Cambridge University Students Before 1751 Names similar to Beebe
Cambridge Students to 1751 A simple list from a general search of data. Beelie (Beebie?) W-Matric pers from Christs Easter 1577 Beeby John - MA 1656 (incorp.) from Oxford, Matric there 1649. Son of Robert of St Olave, Southwark. BA 1651. MA 1653-4. BD 1662, Fellow of Queens, Oxford 1654. Vicar of Culham, Oxon, 1664. Rector of Headley, Hants 1670. DD 1671. Bibbie Francis, Matric sizar from Trinity Michs 1578 BA 1582-3 Bibby George, And sizar from Trinity 29.6.1724 Bibbie (or Bybie) Henry, Matric pers from St Johns, mich, 1573; ordained deacon (Luc) July 1574 Priest 7.6.1578. Vicar of Martin, Leicestershire 1579 and Rector of Heapham. Bybie John - And Pers at Queens 2.2.1681-2. Born at Newnham, Glocs. Eton. BA 1685-6. Priest London. Rector of Cardington, Bedfordshire 1703. Rector of Whipsnade 1720. Died 15.11.1729. Bybie Nicholas - Matric sizar from St Johns Easter 1618. BA 1621-2. MA 1625. Bybe Robert - Matric sizar from Queens Easter 1592. Of Suffolk. BA from Trinity 1595-6. Ordained Deacon and Priest (Glocs) as BA 1600. Biby Roger - Matric pens from Queens, March 1589 of Essex. Bybe Simon - Matric sizar from St Johns, Michaelmas 1581. Bibbye Simon - MA 1615 (on King’s visit).