Database of Beebe and related families

Names from the Beebe family database are shown in the following tables. I have had to split the list alphabetically between several tables in order to speed-up downloading and make everything more manageable. Click on the buttons to link to each table. Once each table has been loaded into your browser you can view them off-line at your leisure. The tables will be updated as frequently as possible whenever new material becomes available.  This will always be out of date!  If you do not see someone you were hoping to find then please ask and I shall refer to the current full database which is maintained off-line.

Those of you who may have seen my previous database on the internet whereby individuals were shown in family groups with associated trees may prefer that layout but unfortunately it was too greedy of web space. At least I can now more easily list all the people that I have on the database and then deal more fully with specific enquiries. I have retained the former tree layout (uses a ged to html conversion program) for the tree of my known ancestors in case you want to see how the data can be presented given enough space.

Note: The spelling of Beebe / Beeby etc. varies greatly and there is little consistency prior to around 1900. If you are looking for an individual in this A-Z listing, for example "Beebe, John" then do not forget to look also for "Beeby, John" or "Beby, John" and so on. There are many instances where the same person has several differently spelled versions of his name even in the same document. This is why I tend to refer to "Beebs" as a general catch all. There is no easy way around this one that I know of, it can be confusing.

buttonA-B (Abbot, Sarah - to - Beebe, Millicent)

buttonB-B (Beebe, Nathan - to - Beeby, Ellinar)

buttonB-B (Beeby, Emily - to - Beeby, Louisa)

buttonB-B (Beeby, Lucia - to - Beebye, Thomas)

buttonB-K (Beech, Nicola - to - Knight, Thomas)

buttonL-Z (Ladd, Rebecca - to - Yorke, Abigail)

I make no apology for repeating my request for you to send me information about your branch of the Beeb family. This is a shared resource, please help your fellow researchers by submitting your data. Make the initial contact with me by e-mail.

This page last updated 22nd June 2002